The Stewardship Guild Mission

– To define and test concepts of Stewardship

– To define and promote Stewardship of valuable resources

– To train individuals in Stewardship practices

– To support Stewardship activities

Hazelnut Flowers

Valuable Resources

Resources, existing or potential, that are valuable, as defined by their function, accessibility and future projections.

Stewardship Activites

Activites that promote and foster regenerative management of valuable resources.

Kale Seed Saving

Training in Stewardship Practices:

  • The guild will focus on identifying and promoting opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in Stewardship Activities.



Community Links & Stewardship Activities

Micro Greens

Micro Greens

Proposal: Explore the viability of producing micro greens on a small scale. The minimal input of worker hours and materials combined with the resulting high value product will hopefully find this technique financially sustainable. Execution: I plan to order 4...

Perennials Manager Summary 2012

Perennials Manager Summary 2012

It was my fifth season at North Slope Farm when we undertook “the great fruit/nut planting of 2010”.  After digging 125 holes and getting these plants settled in, it was already time to jump in to the main vegetable production season.  The season was flying by and the...



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