• To define and test concepts of Stewardship
  • To define and promote stewardship of Valuable Resources
  • To train individuals in Stewardship practices
  • To support Stewardship Activities

Stewardship; Active involvement in basic community affairs with the intent to identify valuable resources and promote strategies to foster regenerative management of them.

  • Current Project: North Slope Farm is a fifty acre property located in Central Western New Jersey. There is intensive pressure on land owners to utilize their development rights or lose them. There are multiple pressures that discourage investment in sound land management practices, (cost w/o market value, and municipal/State imminent domain seizures). The challenge is how much to invest in agriculture in an economic and cultural environment that does not support it? How to direct resources into a project that might not yield cash return but could achieve stewardship of valuable resources. In this case, the valuable resources include; worker housing, property rights, small scale business enterprises, public access to government process and community development.

Valuable Resources:

  • Resources, existing or potential, that are valuable, as defined by their function, accessibility and future projections.

Training in Stewardship Practices:

Stewardship Activities:

  • Activities that promote and foster regenerative management of valuable resources.